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Welcome to 100UK

100UK is based on the highly successful Formula TKM class of the mid to late 90’s and into early 00’s.

Using Formula TKM chassis up to and including the 1998 Homologation (1998-2000) a harder, longer life tyre similar to the Maxxis SLC of the day. Pre-TKM sequential (or 100UK) chassis are allowed and welcomed providing they meet that original ethos of Formula TKM.

For 2022, we are introducing a 100UK Junior class for drivers aged 11-15. Additionally drivers are strictly limited to TWO SETS OF SLICKs for the whole championship with your first set included in the registration fee.

  • British

  • 2 bearing

  • 30mm axle

  • No caster/camber adjustment

  • No rear ride height adjustment


100UK is a 6 round championship running alongside NKC. Only TWO sets of slicks are allowed for the championship. Registration includes your first set of slicks. Wets are unlimited across the season however race day usage limits will apply.

  • Seniors: Slicks – Dunlop SL3
  • Seniors: Wets – Maxxis SLW
  • Juniors: Slicks – Maxxis Sport
  • Juniors: Wets – Maxxis SLW


100UK is visiting 6 tracks across the England and Wales in 2022. The championship is decided on the driver with the most points from their 5 best rounds.


The format will be 3 heats and a final.

Drivers will each get a starting position near the front, the middle and the back which will decide their starting position in the final. Novices will start at the back of each heat.

Race entry includes practice on Saturday and racing on Sunday.


100UK and NKC are proud to be one of the most affordable owner driver national championships in the UK. We keep entry costs as low as possible and include the first set of race slicks in your registration fee.

  • Registration – £160 (includes one set of slicks)

  • Weekend race entry – £110 (Guests £120 and no points scored)


2021 regulations can be downloaded here but please note that there will be some minor amendments for 2022. Drivers will be notified of any amendments in advance of the season starting.



We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions here but if you have any questions, feel free to email us at 100UK@kartcup.co.uk or ask on the active Facebook drivers group.

What do I get for my registration fee?2021-11-15T09:43:07+00:00

Your registration fee includes your first set of race slicks for the championship which will be sent out to you before the season starts. This will be confirmed in due course.

How many drivers are registered for the series?2021-11-15T09:53:38+00:00
How do you monitor tyre usage?2021-11-15T09:53:34+00:00

We record all competitor barcodes and will scan tyres regularly for compliance. We also have controls in place in case of barcode damage.

Which transponder do I need?2021-11-15T09:53:26+00:00

This varies depending on the track we are visiting but it will either be the AMB yellow / MyLaps or the TAG transponder. Please check the calendar above for details.

Can I hire a transponder?2021-11-15T09:53:22+00:00

Yes, normally. Circuits will provide transponder hire but these can be limited in number. We will provide more details closer to each race meeting.

Do I need an MSUK licence to race in NKC/100UK?2021-11-15T09:43:58+00:00


What tyres do I have to use for practice sessions?2021-11-15T09:43:34+00:00

You can use any tyres for all your practice sessions including the morning of the race day but ensure your race slicks are fitted for all racing including qualifying.

I’ve just registered, why has my name not been added to the Drivers page?2021-11-15T09:43:28+00:00

There is normally a bit of a delay between you registering and the website being updated. If your name still hasn’t appeared after 24 hours, please contact us at race@kartcup.co.uk.

Register for 100UK 2022

Registration is £160 including first set of race slicks.


Contact us

Any questions at all about the championship, just drop us an email.



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