Now the decorations are down and Christmas seems like a distant memory, Round 1 at GYG will be landing on us before we know it. To get the season off to the smoothest start possible, we need to bring you all up to speed on some procedural items.

Wet tyres

Dartford Karting really have pulled out all the stops to make sure we have the wet tyres we need for the first event. Many thanks to them, as everyone is still suffering from worldwide manufacturing and shipping disruption. If you haven’t already done so, please pre-order your wet tyres no later than January 27th from the NKC shop. They will be posted out to you around mid-Feb. For Round 1 only we will be restricting everyone to 1 set of wets for race day to try and keep it fair for all.

Order wets here.

More wet tyres are on their way and we will keep you updated.

Race slicks

Your first set of race slicks have been ordered and will be delivered direct to you in February. We will contact you to confirm your shipping address shortly.


You may order your second set at any time, and we advise you to get them from Dartford Karting to ensure you have a newly manufactured set. We have seen ‘new’ sets of slicks before that turned out to be several years old and useless. Slicks must have barcodes.

You must provide us with the barcodes of all your race slicks by filling out the form on the website (we will confirm this in due course). We will do a thorough check at GYG to tease out any data input errors before we start racing.


You may order your second race set at any time, and we advise you to get them from Anderson or Dartford Karting. You must present all race slicks for marking prior to using them for racing. Look out for instructions on how to do this.


We rely on the circuits to provide transponders to hire and some have more than others. With the number of drivers we have this year we know this is going to be a problem. Many of you will have experienced having to share a transponder with another driver at Llandow last year and it’s a ton of stress that none of us need on race day, but something we are likely to see at every round this year.

With more thanks to Dartford Karting, we have secured a discount on the latest Mylaps transponders, which you can order via the NKC shop. This is a limited time offer, open to NKC registered drivers only. We strongly advise you to provide your own transponder rather than relying on hiring them. It’s normally less of an issue at the TAG circuit (Whilton Mill only) since they are used to having to hire lots out, so at the very least, please get yourself a Mylaps one if you don’t already own one.

Order transponder here.

Drop down bumpers

Given the size of some of our grids and the switch to mixed grid heats, we have decided to introduce drop down bumpers this season, initially for Rotax classes only. As there are a few older karts on the TKM grid that may have problems sourcing the correct bumper bars, we are holding off from bringing them into this class, for the time being at least.

This is not a decision we’ve taken lightly and know it won’t be popular with all drivers but we’d prefer to start the season with this in place rather than be forced to introduce it later in the season if it’s found to be required.

The penalty for a mis-placed bumper will be +5 seconds. The penalty points system we introduced last season will not be used in the Rotax classes.


Entries for Round 1 at GYG will open Friday Jan 28th and will close on Friday Feb 25th at midnight. If you miss the entry deadline your place may be given to a reserve driver. We are now using Alpha to manage our events so details on how to register and enter will be shared soon. I imagine most of you already have Alpha accounts so it should be fairly simple and will hopefully speed things up for you all.

Any questions in the build up to the start of the season, please drop us an email or message us on Facebook.