The Winter lull is finally over and we’re off and running for the 2024 season and first final instructions page of the year!

With over 300 drivers registered for the championship, we can’t thank you enough for the incredible support. This season sees the return of the regional sub-championships in the Southern and Northern Cups. We’ll also be running the O plate in July – more details to be released soon. Whatever your goal for this season, a custom NKC trophy, an A-final or a championship, we hope you all enjoy your weekends racing with us.

The team at Clay Pigeon are looking forward to welcoming us from 8am on Thursday morning. Due to the demand and numbers, paddock spaces have been booked in advance but there is plenty of paddock space available. Please check the paddock plan carefully, only take the room you need and make sure you don’t park in someone else’s spot as you’ll only be asked to move. Please park carefully and be considerate of others and please don’t take any more room than you need.

The paddock plan is below. Please click on the plan to enlarge. Each bay has been allocated as per the list.

Please read the key points, download the timetable and Rotax groups for Saturday testing, read the final instructions and finally sign on. We will be primarily communicating using the Alpha Racehub app so please ensure you download it (see links above/right). Drivers also must complete their online scrutineering card so we have your chassis and engine numbers before racing starts on Sunday.

Tyre registration

To avoid any problems with drivers entering tyre barcodes incorrectly, we will be scanning your tyres during two windows at the NKC awning, one on Friday for all classes and then by class on Saturday. Please check the timetable to find out when to come. We will only be scanning ONE set per driver for your first three rounds of NKC.

Please make sure you turn up with the correct laser-etched tyres as pictured below. Dartford Karting will be at the event but they won’t be carrying many spare laser-etched sets so this is the time to make sure you have the correct tyres. There’s still time to buy them here.

SCOOTERS/BIKES – These must NOT be used while the track is in use (including lunch break). If the rider injures themselves or someone else, it will tie up our paramedics meaning the racing will stop. We don’t want to take steps to ban scooters and bikes altogether at our race meetings as we know many enjoy them in the evening but we will be forced to take these steps if this simple rule can’t be followed.

NOTE: If you are testing on Friday, please remember that the group you are in and the running order will be different from Saturday and Sunday.

Hopefully we’ve covered everything but if not, drop us an email with your questions. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.



  • Sign on is open – click ‘EVENT SIGN ON’ button below. All drivers must sign on in Alpha for Saturday and Sunday.

  • Friday testing is £65. You can pay on the day or enter here.
  • Sign on for Friday to be done in person in the office from 8.30am. All drivers need to collect a wristband to test.

  • Arrive from 8am on Thursday. Camping is free from Thursday to Sunday.

  • Gates are will stay open all weekend.

  • Time on track:
    Friday – 9.30am-5.00pm
    Saturday – 9.30am-5.30pm
    Sunday – 10am-6pm

  • If you haven’t booked paddock space, please check the plan to make sure you are not taking a booked spot.

  • Driver briefing is on Saturday morning on the dummy grid at 9.00am. ALL drivers must attend. 5 championship point penalty to any drivers that miss it.

  • Transponder collection – Saturday (9:00am-11:00am). Collect from the office.

  • Dogs are allowed. Please keep them on the lead at all times and clean up after them.




NKC organisersChris Cox
Oli Nitch-Smith
Event ManagersMatt Hildred
Gez Owen
Clerk of the courseBruce Perry
Chief StewardMatt Hildred
Assistant ClerkGary Livesey
Grid MarshalSarah Darlow
TimekeeperSusan Green
ScrutineersNatalie Wood
Darren Weaver
Assistant ScrutineerGeorge MacFarlane


Health & Safety

We are expecting over 220 drivers, so it is important to stick to the Health & Safety rules to keep everyone safe. Spectators are welcome at no charge.

  • Scooters and bicycles must not be used when the track is live (including lunch breaks).
  • Dogs are allowed on site but must be on a lead whenever the track is live and must be under control at all times. Clear up after your dog.
  • Traffic movement in the paddock must be kept to a minimum and limited to early morning/evening where possible.
  • Please keep young children nearby and safe.
  • Only officials will be allowed onto the live circuit.
  • Trollies are not permitted on the live circuit. Wait until the circuit is neutralised and you have permission to enter from the grid marshall.
  • Scooters and bicycles must not be used when the track is live.

Friday Testing

Friday testing can be booked here, though you are welcome to pay on the day. Signing on will start at 8.30am in the location stated on the timetable. All drivers must sign on even if they have paid online to receive their wristband for the day. Under 18s must bring their parent/guardian with them.


Camping on site is allowed Thurs/Friday/Saturday and you may arrive any time on Thursday from 8am. Gates will remain open for the whole weekend.

The paddock is going to be busy, so please be courteous and don’t take up more space than necessary. Only park in either your booked space or a space that hasn’t been booked. Please leave the paddock clean and tidy and take old tyres home with you.


The timetable for the weekend can be downloaded above and will be on display in the paddock. For race day we are publishing a running order only. Please make note of the order and listen out for Tannoy calls and Racehub app updates, so you know when your next session is approaching. It is the driver’s responsibility to be on the dummy grid on time.

Please ensure you are on the dummy grid at least 5 minutes before your session starts. If drivers are late, it will affect the smooth running of the event and impact on everyone’s track time. Sessions will not be delayed for late comers. Repeat offenders will be penalised.

Tyre barcodes

To avoid any problems with drivers entering tyre barcodes incorrectly, we will be scanning your tyres during two windows at the NKC awning, one on Friday for all classes and then by class on Saturday. Please check the timetable to find out when to come. We will only be scanning ONE set per driver for your first three rounds of NKC.

Only laser-etched tyres are eligible for racing.


All drivers must self-certify when signing on however we will be carrying out safety scrutineering in person at the scrutineering bay on Saturday morning. Karts will be pulled in at random. Only one chassis and up to two engines are allowed and must be signed on in your Alpha account before racing starts.


If you have nominated to be a novice on entry, you will start your heats from the back of the grids. If you didn’t choose to be a novice on entry but have decided you’d like to be one please let one of the organisers know on Saturday. The organisers may compel a driver to start from the back should they deem this is required for safety reasons.

Hand-held starter policy

Hand-held starters must not be shared between karts.


We only use AMB Mylaps transponders. If you are hiring, please check the timetable to find out where and when to collect.

Signing On & Drivers Briefing

Signing on for the weekend is now open. Please click on the ‘EVENT SIGN ON’ button above.

There will be still be a driver briefing in person on Saturday morning that you all must attend. Please see the timetable.

Kart recovery

Kart recovery can take a long time and can potentially hold up racing. The clerks and marshals will guide you so please listen to them. You may need to wait until the following session has been before you can return to the paddock.

If you find yourself and kart in a position that is causing a yellow flag, if it is safe, please do your best to move yourself and your kart out of the way otherwise you will impact the racing on track.

Post-session parc ferme

Other than the drivers involved in the session, nobody will be allowed into parc ferme until they have been given express permission by an official. Failure to follow this rule may result in your driver being disqualified from the session or receiving a penalty.

Abusive or threatening behaviour is not acceptable here or anywhere. We understand emotions run high, but parc ferme is not the place to air your frustrations with other drivers. You are expected to leave the area quietly and return to your paddock area without altercation. If you have a problem, you should report it to the steward.

Any driver witnessed abusing another driver in parc ferme will be automatically disqualified from the session. If it’s a practice session a 10-point penalty will be applied to your racing heats. This is very much a case of if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. If we witness any abusive or threatening behaviour in the paddock from the driver or mechanic/family member or friend you are at risk of being thrown out of the whole meeting.

Formation laps – starting grid position

It seems some drivers may occasionally have found themselves in the wrong grid slot by the time they get to the start line. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure they form up correctly on the rolling up lap. We will be watching for this more closely (see below) and drivers who gain an unfair advantage will be penalised.

Formation laps – tyre warming

Weaving is allowed in moderation. You must leave space to allow drivers to come through to take their position. If you spin, we will not wait for you.


We have a great team of officials, but please remember they are human. We can try to give clarity on penalties where possible, but they cannot be overturned without compelling evidence. Official appeals will only be heard after A-finals.

  • Some of you will feel you’ve been penalised unfairly
  • Some of you will miss yellow flags and be absolutely sure they weren’t there
  • Some of you will get unfair nose cone penalties
  • Some of you will feel another driver got away without a penalty

We will do our best, but we will not be perfect. Please treat our officials with respect. And please remember that these things do tend to even out over the course of a championship.

Review procedure

We will be continuing with the review procedure introduced at Fulbeck, though please note we are limited to the camera views provided by the live streaming team. Most incidents will not be caught on camera, in which case, the officials’ decisions will stand unless you have very strong evidence that it is wrong.


We have updated the appeals procedure in the regulations. Drivers will be allowed to appeal decisions from A Finals only. .

The system isn’t perfect

Not everything gets caught on camera and even when it does the pictures are often inconclusive, however, this will improve the accuracy of our stewarding.


Being able to communicate with you all can be a challenge however the new Alpha Racehub app should help enormously. Please ensure you download the app (see buttons above) and please keep checking for notifications throughout the event. We will use it to update you of timetable changes, call drivers in to the clerk and for all other important information. It is your responsibility to be keep up with the updates to the running of the event so please keep your phones charged and ensure they are checked regularly.


Once again, we welcome Stu Stretton and his team as official photographers, so we’ll be treated to some more great images.


Hopefully we’ve covered most of the questions you may have but if not, drop us an email or message our Facebook page.

See you all there

Chris and Oli