The NKC team have carried out a review of Round 1 and I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all of a couple of things and also to let you know about some changes we are making.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch to report their concerns. We have spoken to a few people and 2 individuals have been issued with a final warning. Hopefully it goes without saying that threatening and abusive language and behaviour are not tolerated at NKC and persistent offenders will be prevented from attending our events. If you would like to report anything then please email

Post-session parc ferme

Other than the drivers involved in the session, nobody will be allowed into parc ferme until they have been given express permission by an official. Failure to follow this rule may result in your driver being disqualified from the session or receiving a penalty.

Abusive or threatening behaviour is not acceptable here or anywhere. We understand emotions run high, but parc ferme is not the place to air your frustrations with other drivers. You are expected to leave the area quietly and return to your paddock area without altercation. If you have a problem, you should report it to the steward.

Any driver witnessed abusing another driver in parc ferme will be automatically disqualified from the session. If it’s a practice session a 10-point penalty will be applied to your racing heats. This is very much a case of if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. If we witness any abusive or threatening behaviour in the paddock from the driver or mechanic/family member or friend you are at risk of being thrown out of the whole meeting.


Please remember that only pump fuel mixed with 2 stroke oil is allowed in NKC, without additional additives. Anybody caught using anything else will be disqualified from the championship and banned from all future events. We are aware that sometimes drivers are noticing strange fumes when following certain karts, so if you believe another driver is using illegal fuel you may report it to us in confidence.

Formation laps – starting grid position

It seems some drivers may occasionally have found themselves in the wrong grid slot by the time they get to the start line. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure they form up correctly on the rolling up lap. We will be watching for this more closely (see below) and drivers who gain an unfair advantage will be penalised.

Formation laps – tyre warming

Weaving to warm tyres is not permitted and penalties will be applied to those who fail to comply. This includes when leaving the dummy grid.


Drivers are now limited to two engines and one chassis per meeting. Please enter your engine and chassis number when completing scrutineering.

Video review system

Since Round 6 last year we’ve been trialling a decision review system using the video footage provided by our streaming partners, We are now ready to put a new review procedure into place from Round 2 onwards.

How it works

I will be dedicated to a new role as Chief Steward and will spend race day focused on reviewing as many decisions as possible in the time available. Every decision in every race will be recorded on a database and checked where video footage is available.

I will have access to all 3 camera feeds, so I will be able to see a lot more than what is shown on the live Youtube stream. I will be able to make decisions on incidents I see even if they’ve not been seen by the track side officials.

If I need to speak to a driver about an incident I will call you in through the Alpha Racehub app. If you fail to appear then a decision will be made in your absence. If you do not have the app, please ensure you download it by searching your app store.


We have updated the appeals procedure in the regulations. Drivers will be allowed to appeal decisions from A Finals only. I will be reviewing the heats as well but please don’t come and ask for anything to be checked. My task will be quite intense, and the chances are that if there is footage available then I’ve already checked it.

The system isn’t perfect

Not everything gets caught on camera and even when it does the pictures are often inconclusive, however, this will improve the accuracy of our stewarding.

Rowrah paddock

The Rowrah paddock will be open from 11.30 on Thursday. You may access the top car parks from 10am, please do not queue on the local roads. The circuit staff will be in charge of managing the paddock as they are experienced in dealing with large numbers.

  • Cars, motorhomes and caravans are only allowed in the paddock if you are working from them, otherwise they must stay in the top car parks.
  • Please do not attempt to hammer or screw pegs into the tarmac area. The circuit will charge you for any damage you cause.

Please follow the instructions of the staff and please be patient with them. We know you’ll all be keen to get a good spot, but it needs to be managed correctly.

Final instructions for the event along with the timetable will be issued in the next few days.