Already we are past half way, following another successful meeting at Llandow. We benefitted from a very quiet track on Saturday, which meant more track time than anyone could ever need, helped by dry conditions all day. Rob Cox appeared to see this as some kind of challenge and clocked 2 hours of running on his engine timer!

Nobody had driven the circuit on the Mitas tyres before and for some it was their first ever visit to the track, so it was good to have plenty of time for everyone to get up to speed.

We were pleased to have Megan Williams and Sam King back for this round. Megan showed extra determination to make it following her wrist injury and showed great pace whilst driving through pain. The break certainly didn’t do Sam any harm as he continues to up his pace and move towards the front of the pack. Sam did suffer a nasty altercation with the tyres in practise and it was great to see him make the race day, which at one point looked improbable. Thanks to the Williams family for lending the parts to get him going again.

For a while on Sunday morning we were wondering whether all the testing had gone to waste when the rain descended. With limited pre-season testing on the Mitas wets, it was good to see them hold up well against conditions they really aren’t designed for. As we rolled up for the start of heat 1, it was concerning to see the track was dry in places and didn’t get a lot wetter. Heat 2 wasn’t a lot better and yet the tyres look like they will live to see plenty more days yet.

Soon after the skies cleared and the rest of the day was enjoyed in glorious sunshine. Again, in the final there were battles throughout the field with Rob Cox making moves after being set back by problems in the heats. The race for third was intense, with Sam King, Rob Cox, Megan Williams and Andy Wagstaff split by less than 2 seconds at the chequered flag.

First across the line was Oli Nitch-Smith, following a close race with Chris Cox and Jake Horan. Unfortunately, Oli lost his chain guard on lap 2, which was spotted by the marshalls but no action was taken by them. Following the race we decided that in the interest of consistency, the result should be treated as though Oli had received the correct mechanical flag, which would have ended his race at that point. Therefore, the top 3 were Chris Cox, Jake Horan and Sam King.

Once again, thank you to everyone for your support and we look forward to seeing you all at Lydd.