In this part we’re going to look at a few procedural things, which tie in neatly with some health and safety items.


Have you read the regulations? Probably not but we’d appreciate if you did as hopefully they answer any questions you may have. Even if you are familiar with them from previous years, there have been a couple of tweaks so it’s worth another look. That said, we would like to highlight some pertinent items:

Slick tyres:
“Will one set last the season?” We hear you cry. The short answer is yes, based on previous experience. However, this is the real world, things change and we can’t guarantee it, which is why the reg’s state:

“Slick tyre condition will be continuously monitored throughout the season and the organisers may elect to allow the purchase of a second set should degradation be higher than expected. This would be confirmed by the publishing of an official regulatory update.”

This has never happened before and is a last resort so we’ll avoid it if we can. And if there’s anything that the last few months have proved, it’s that it’s never going to stop raining. Ever.

Race slicks will be allocated by a tyre draw which we will be holding at Round 1. Attendance isn’t mandatory but please make this if you can. The day and time will be confirmed later.

We have a fair number of slicks in stock, but we can only take a limited number to each circuit. So, if you need a practice set it’s best to order in advance to avoid disappointment.


We don’t hire out transponders but the circuits do. They charge for this and we’re used to seeing anything from £5 to £15, although we’ve noticed an upward trend recently. NKC makes nothing from this and the price is set by the circuit. Prices will be confirmed prior to each event. Transponders will either be AMB (also known as MyLaps or the ‘yellow one’) or TAG.

The number of transponders available for hire varies and rarely is there enough for everyone. The reg’s state:

“Transponder type is circuit dependent, with both AMB and TAG types used over the season. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct transponder type at each event. Transponders may be available to hire but this is not guaranteed. The organisers will provide information on this prior to each event”

At the time of writing the only circuit on our calendar using the TAG system is Whilton Mill.


We’ve consulted with our insurers who have advised that we do not allow anyone other than marshals and officials inside the circuit boundary when the track is live. This is going to be our policy going forward, so please stay off the circuit until the track has been neutralised, i.e. once everyone has been through the chequered flag. Even then, please be careful as karts may still be moving at speed. Please stick to this rule, even if it’s contradicted by an official on the day as they may be used to different rules.

We have CKC cadets with us this year, so there will be a lot of children at most events. We need to keep vehicle movements to a minimum and generally be aware and keep them safe. For parents of children, please ensure they are behaving in a safe manner. At this point we’re not going to ban scooters and bikes from the paddock but we will keep an eye on the situation as we want everyone to go home safely above anything else. For the avoidance of doubt, the safety rules apply equally to CKC, although they may have their own additional rules.

Dogs are generally allowed in the paddock but must be kept on a lead whenever there is activity on track. Please make sure you clean up after them.


Thankfully you won’t have many tyres to throw away with NKC, but if you do please take them away with you and don’t leave them at the circuit. Other than that, please use the bins provided and leave your area tidy. We want to make a good impression with our hosts.

And that’s it for Part 2. There will definitely be a Part 3 for you to get excited about.