At NKC, we’ve always strived to offer excellent value to our drivers as we don’t believe owner driver kart racing should be excessively expensive. So, we do everything we can at our end to keep budgets under control. We do this by offering a low weekend entry fee and controlling the number of sets of slick tyres allowed for the six round championship (one set for TKM and two sets for Rotax). Registration is £160 but this does include a set of race slicks. Wets are £135 per set and not limited but they have proven themselves to last well even in drying conditions.

However, we do not scrimp on safety standards. Our weekends are fully insured. We also have medical support all weekend and a full line up of officials and marshals to ensure the event is run safely and to keep on top of the driving standards. We also expect our drivers to present karts and racewear that are up to a safe standard.

We also do not allow engines to be used that are not within the fiche for each class. Rotax engines must be sealed and TKM engines will be checked for compliance.

If you’re considering racing with us and would like any further information, please drop us an email –