We’ve had a great first event of 2023, full of positives and some fantastic racing. However, on this first post-race Monday of the year we’re focused on some significant negatives. It seems we have some people in the paddock who don’t fit very well with NKC, following several reports of threatening and abusive behaviour, along with one report of a parent striking their child on the head, whilst generally being abusive to others.

We don’t tolerate this kind of behaviour and it is fortunate for a few that we don’t currently have enough evidence to take action against any individuals. This is why we have set up a new e-mail address for you to share your concerns with us about safeguarding issues. We assure you that anything you send us will be treated in confidence, though it’s important we know who you are so we can be confident your message is genuine.

If you would like to report anything, then please e-mail safeguarding@kartcup.co.uk. Please help us to maintain a friendly and welcoming paddock.