What a fantastic season we’ve had so far, paddocks bursting at the seams, huge grids and close, competitive racing. We hope you’ve all been enjoying it as much as we have. As we approach the final round we would like to bring you up to speed with a few developments.

It’s fair to say 1 or 2 procedural issues have been raised and before we even left Llandow we were coming up with plans to address them. Thank you to anyone who has brought issues to our attention and for doing so in good spirits. You should see some improvements going forwards.

In addition, drop down nose cone cheating is a problem. We’ve only managed to catch and disqualify one driver this season and that’s not good enough on our part. We know drivers have gotten away with it and whilst some instances have been brought to our attention, we can only penalise a driver if it’s witnessed first hand by an official. At Fulbeck we will have additional eyes on circuit, with all officials briefed to specifically look out for this. We will also be trialing a video review system (more on that later), which should help us to spot any culprits.

Drivers, you are not allowed to reposition your nose cone, either during the race or after, until you have left post-race parc ferme. If you are caught doing so you will be sent home and you will not be allowed to drop the round from your championship points. This includes any unsuccessful attempts. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Incident Review System

This is something we’ve been discussing with our filming team, Kartinglive.tv and we expect to be able to put the system into use at Fulbeck, on a trial basis at least. We may use it to review incidents if we feel it is likely to make a difference to the outcome. However, please don’t come and ask for us to review something as we don’t yet have the staff in place to carry out multiple checks and the system is very much in its initial trial phase.

Tyre scanning

We regularly get questions about tyre scanning and accusations that we’re not doing it. It is happening a lot throughout the meetings and it’s easy to miss. It will be done as nose cones are being checked, in the scrutineering bay to the top 3 or 4 and randomly across karts in parc ferme. We scanned over 200 sets at the weekend with the majority being scanned at least once. At Fulbeck, we’ll do more. 

Junior/Mini classes – a message to parents

The championships are tight and it’s going to be an exciting finish. The drivers have all raced amazingly this year and several of them deserve to be champion, but they can’t all be. Please approach the last round in the right spirit.

We don’t want to see arguing in the paddock, if there is an issue please raise it with us and leave it there. Let’s ensure we all leave Fulbeck as friends and give the kids amazing memories.

Planning for Fulbeck

We have arranged for paddock access from Thursday morning. There is no booking of paddock spaces, please adhere to the paddock plan, which we will publish before the event. The gates will be closed overnight and we will confirm open and closing times in the final instructions.

Guest entries

It is important that we welcome guests so people can experience NKC and help secure the future of the series. We have devised guest entry rules for this round to protect the integrity of the championship. The aim is to remove any tyre advantage that may cause a guest to be racing for positions they might not otherwise be capable of. We will also be limiting the number of guests in each class to minimise their impact.

Championship Presentation

Our intention is to confirm the championship positions and present trophies on race day. However, this may not be possible as we need to be 100% sure the tables are correct. If we are unable to then we will announce where and when the presentation will take place.

Nearly all the championships hang in the balance so we can’t wait for Fulbeck. See you all there!