NKC is fundamentally a lower cost championship, aimed at people who want to go out and enjoy their racing, rather than those who see karting as a steppingstone to F1 super stardom. You would hope this would result in fewer crashes, however, I’m not sure we’re better than anyone else.

I don’t want this to sound like NKC has a particular driving standards problem. We don’t, but I think kart racing does. This is a hobby, where like minded people get together to enjoy their weekends racing each other and enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes though it seems when the visor goes down, we take leave of our senses and think we’re in a life-or-death battle.

I’ve been there as a driver; I’ve crashed into other drivers and got upset when someone has crashed into me. We usually know when it’s our fault and I hope that a few drivers reading this might reflect on their weekend and maybe approach the next with a different mindset.

Please remember, just like you, your fellow drivers have spent a lot of money on their equipment. They’ve spent all month looking forward to the race meeting. They’ve travelled for hours to get to the track and then spent hours testing. If you ruined their race day by taking them out, damaging their kart and possibly even injuring them then you’ve probably taken this hobby a bit too seriously. You know deep down if you’re a culprit and I hope next time you’ll do better.

As a championship we are doing what we can within the confines of amateur sport, but the people who can make the most difference are you drivers.

I don’t accept that all these incidents are just part and parcel of kart racing. Sure, people make mistakes, and we will never wipe it out completely, but as a sport we’re miles away from where we should be. Let’s all look after each other and go home knowing we had a good time and didn’t spoil it for anyone else.