To all the drivers who have competed this year and made it a special season. The sheer number of drivers that have taken part in NKC this season has been way beyond our expectations, with no drop off from start to end.

To all of you who come to support the drivers, we see so many friendly faces in the paddock, committed to keeping your drivers going, looking after them, encouraging them and others, it’s been great to see. You’re a hugely important part of this championship.

Our staff who have turned up to every meeting, come rain or shine, spending long days keeping the events running smoothly. We’re incredibly fortunate to have fallen upon what must be one of the best teams of officials in kart racing and the compliments we get on how well the meetings run are testament to their dedication and effort.

Kartinglive.TV for providing high quality race streaming and fantastic additional content. You’ve been a huge asset to the championship and it will be great to have you on board again next season.

To the circuits who have welcomed us this year and in previous years. We know it can be politically challenging at times, but we’re always made to feel welcome and given access to all the facilities we need. It’s been good to see the circuits investing in their facilities too, which we all benefit from.

To 100UK for putting your trust in us over the last couple of seasons. Your drivers, their friends, families and mechanics have been a pleasure to have in the paddock.

To our sponsors who have played an essential role in helping us to improve the quality of the events whilst keeping costs low for the competitors. Your generosity and support for what we do is massively appreciated.

Finally, to our families, who put up with us being away from home 6 times a year and constantly looking at our phones when we’re home! We couldn’t do it without you.