We’ve been listening to your feedback regarding driving standards at the first 2 rounds. In response we have increased the number of clerks/observers officiating at Round 3 and will be applying a revised penalty structure, as follows:

  • Gaining an unfair advantage (GUA) = +10s (increased from +5s)
  • Other driving standard penalties remain as per the previous regulations
  • 3 GUA penalties in 1 season (Round 3 onwards) = 10 point deduction from championship tally
  • Each additional GUA = 10 point deduction from championship tally or 1 race meeting ban at Chief Steward’s discretion
  • 2 race DQs in 1 season for driving in a manner incompatible with general safety = 1 race meeting ban
  • 3 race DQs in 1 season = Championship disqualification and race bans to be decided by the organisers


Practice Sessions

Practice sessions are not for racing. If you are driving aggressively you will be warned about your conduct. Failure to follow instructions of an official carries a penalty of exclusion from the meeting. 

If you are crashing into other karts in practice then your driving is not at the level required. Our officials will be paying closer attention to this and drivers involved in incidents may be given novice status, which will result in starting their heats from the back of the grid. 

Round 3 officials

We have put together a highly competent and qualified team of officials and their decisions will be final unless you have absolute, incontrovertible proof that we’ve made a wrong decision. We will not hear general protests about penalties given in heats or provide additional information. The appeals procedure for finals remains unchanged.

Only the below officials will make decisions about on track incidents.


Clerk of the CourseBruce Perry
Assistant ClerkAlan Bryant
Assistant ClerkAsh Barker
Assistant ClerkRory Rothon
Assistant ClerkBen Marlow
Chief Marshal/ObserverChristine Jones
Chief Steward/Observer/Video ReviewChris Cox
Scrutineer/ObserverOli Nitch-Smith
Scrutineer/ObserverGez Owen


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and valued feedback. We would also like to revisit an article on driving standards that we published last year https://kartcup.co.uk/driving-standards/